Studio visit: Dale Grimshaw

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In my ‘studio visit’ series I’m going to publish pictures taken at artists’ creative spaces. First in these series centres around London based artist Dale Grimshaw in preparation for his solo exhibition “Pride and Prejudice” which closed recently at Well Hung gallery. Dale Grimshaw social media: Instagram, Facebook page

Exhibition: “Spitting Blood” by C215

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C215 is a moniker of French stencil artist Christian Guémy. He often paints portraits of everyday people. His recent exhibition at Stolen Space gallery entitled “Spitting Blood” is centered around portraits of famous musicians of the past like Sid Vicious and Tupac. I also managed to find few stencil pieces close to the gallery byRead More

Photography: EIS67

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Abandoned places and graffiti go hand in hand. I have seen amazing graffiti and street art work in derelict buildings through the years in the UK. Artists have the freedom to paint whatever they want without being censored. Photographers have been fascinated with urban exploring for decades. Buildings slowly decaying serve as a moody andRead More