Portugal meets London as Festival Iminente comes to town

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In 2016, the town of Oeiras, Portugal, hosted the first edition of a festival that sought to combine the freshest music with the freshest art in an experience of intense collective intimacy. This year the destination was London, the festival, however, returns to Oeiras this September.

Everything that happens in this festival is too new, experimental, unprecedented. Imminent. Urban, explosive, energetic, exciting, ephemeral, unpredictable and unorthodox.

Everything that happened at the first Iminente had never been done before. At least not by the festival. There was no evidence it would work, yet according to the public it wasn’t just a success; it was a phenomenon. Three days of partying, expression and artistic provocation, practically for free.

Iminente lives off small spaces. It’s an intimate scene. It also seeks to break down barriers. Whatever they may be. The art is exhibited directly in the space, free of obstacles, either fully completed or still in production. The same is true of the music. The stages, when they do exist, are small. You can really rub shoulders with the musicians and experience everything up close.

The key word is immersion and communion. Free of hassles. It’s like a gathering of friends and acquaintances but with lots of other people around too.

The London leg of the festival was held in Shoreditch at the Truman Brewery. Artist lineup included: Conor Harrington, Aka Corleone, Wasted Rita, Sickboy, Mais Menos, Bordalo II and Vhils who also curated the event.

Festival Iminent social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page 

There’s a selection of images below of the event.

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