Photography: EIS67

DSC_1016 (1024x682)

Abandoned places and graffiti go hand in hand. I have seen amazing graffiti and street art work in derelict buildings through the years in the UK. Artists have the freedom to paint whatever they want without being censored. Photographers have been fascinated with urban exploring for decades. Buildings slowly decaying serve as a moody and complementary setting for most graffiti. I follow photographers from all over the world on Instagram. This is how I discovered Eis67 who mostly shoots abandoned spots decorated by graffiti at undisclosed locations in the UK. I reached out to him some time ago and he sent me few of his shots (thank you!) below. You can follow him on Instagram here.

All pictures belong to Eis67 and cannot be used without his permission.

DSC_6896 (1024x682) DSC_6229 (1024x682) DSC_6699 (1024x682) DSC_5740 (1024x682) DSC_1364 (1024x682) DSC_1177 (1024x681) DSC_1043 (1024x681)


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