Sokar uno – new mural in London, UK

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German artist Sokar uno have been visiting London for the past few years, painting on the streets. He spent some time in London recently, before heading to Bristol to take part at Upfest which is the biggest paint festival in Europe that happens annually. In London the artist started off painting a mural which took 4 days to complete. Mixing freehand spray paint for the finer details, Sokar uno mostly used emulsion for the rest of the surface. The work depicts a man laying on the ground, face up, trying to move a chair off his face. In his right hand there’s a sand clock. Anyone is welcome to interpret the work any way they like. Does the chair represents ‘the system’ that he is trying to get rid of? Does the sand clock signifies the passing of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article. 

Sokar uno social media: Instagram, Facebook page, Tumblr

Many thanks to Global Street Art for making this happen.

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